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Our Back-to-School Plan???

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

As my wife and I started having children 3 years into our marriage, I recall having a discussion about the wonderful ideals we had for our family. We wanted a family that loves and serves God together, create a welcoming home, a family life that serves Jesus by meeting the needs of others and a life that prioritized relationships. The most important relationships as we read in scripture were and still are to...Love God, Honor Parents, Love Neighbors (including our family members) and Love ourselves.

Now with three grown children and now having 5 grandchildren, we see that the values, beliefs, and expectations that we had set out with seemed to stick in their lives. We never really called it a purpose and family mission statement but we now see that it seems to have been just that just in an unwritten form. It may not be a bad idea thought to actually take some intentional time to actually write one down. What would it say?

Prior to getting into this weird, not at all normal, unusual school year it may actually be the perfect time to write out a family plan. It would not be too early to think about a Family plan or mission for your family as we consider the upcoming school year. Considering how 2020 has gone so far, it’s likely that this school year will be quite unpredictable. One thing is certain—back to school means a new rhythm for your entire family. In all the chaos and adjustment, it might be difficult to create intentional moments for you and your family to connect with God and each other in meaningful ways. What should be solid pieces to this school year when every part of it seems fluid and changing. Certainly the State of WA and school districts are deciding to roll out their plans on your behalf. Why not get your family plans ready to roll out? How are we going to do this? Allow God to speak to your family as you seek Him for the plans that He has for you.

First, consider meeting together as parents to pray and talk about what God is saying to each of you. If you are a single parent, come to the Lord personally and ask Him to make clear His leading for you and your children. If you have older pre-teens consider their being involved more in this pre-planning process. Then, I suggest you connect as a family, start with some prayer together and then roll out what you feel are Gods plans for you in regards to this upcoming school year. Grab your calendars and bribe your family with some delicious snacks and sit down together to work together to create your family's 2020-2021 Back-to-School Plan!

Below is a worksheet that is designed to help you to be intentional about the things that matter to your family during the 2020-2021 school year.

Download PDF • 528KB

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