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How does Chapel Hill help your children grow in faith?

  1. Make church family time a weekend routine. Kids experience God’s love through relationship and role models. During every Chapel Hill Kid's worship service, kids are immersed in God’s story through games, engaging leaders and small group sharing. Check in 15 minutes before worship at the Memorial Chapel.

  2. Give them wisdom for life from the Bible. So many confusing messages and values in the world can mislead kids. Each month our lessons focus in on a specific Bible verse that is repeated often, allowing kids to digest it and apply it in practical ways.

  3. Commit their life to Jesus. Is your child ready for baptism or communion? Parents and kids can learn together about experiencing God's grace through the sacraments, just like the first Christians! Contact Pastor Larry Hackman about your child's next steps

  4. Find their purpose in the world. Join us for Alpha Kids on Wednesday Nights as we parallel the deep questions of our adult Alpha program. Kids will discover that they are known, loved, and have purpose on the Lord, and you will have lots to talk about on your car ride home as you share what you have learned.

  5. Grow in faith at home. Videos, podcasts, car-talk prompts and more follow along with the weekend lessons and help you continue the most important conversations at home as you go about daily life. Check out studio252.TV and the ParentCue app.



How can your whole family take a step in following Jesus together?

  1. Connect with other families who support each other as a LifeGroup. So many pressures of family life isolate us. Find a small community to share the ups and downs with. Encourage one another as we parent from a faith perspective and grow in love for God, one another and the world.

  2. Go deeper in your own faith journey. God never stops growing us up! Adults have doubts, hurts and hang-ups, too, and we need to take time to grow so we can guide our families with authenticity. When you attend Wednesday Night programs like Alpha and Celebrate Recovery, kids come to Celebration Place.

  3. Sharpen your parenting toolkit. Check out to learn an approach to discipline based on a heart connection with our kids. Chapel Hill offers grace-filled small groups throughout the year where we dig into biblical wisdom and research-based tools together as we seek the peace of Christ in our most tender relationships.