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Meet the Chapel Hill Children's Ministries Staff - Early Childhood, Preschool and Elementary. Please feel free to contact them if you need further information.

Deb Robertson,

Director of Children & 
Early Childhood Ministries


Call 253.853.0222 or email

Ane Weber,

Director of Children's Drama


Call 253.853.0227 or email

Ann Robbins,

Preschool Park and Preschool Sunday School Assistant


Call 253.853.0285 or email

Beverly Burmark,

Director of Preschool



Call 253.853.0234 or email

Karen Rodenbucher,

Children's Ministry Assistant


Call 253.853.0223 or email

Pam Gatto,

Children's Ministry Assistant


Call 253.853.0272 or email

Kim Hagey,

Director of Early Childhood & Nursery


Call 253.853.0219 or email

Tan Jenkins,

Early Childhood & Young Families Coordinator


Call 253.853.0213 or email