Our Nursery and Preschool Sunday School programs are open now for all Sunday worship services. We are available 15 minutes before the service starts and have a "touchless" check-in system. Start by obtaining your family's computer stickers in the Door C lobby. Helpers will be there to make this quick and easy. Then, assign one adult to walk your children down to their rooms, waiting on a dot if necessary. 

8:30AM        Nursery       3m to 2 yrs

10:00AM      Nursery       3m to 2 yrs

                    Room 207A  2's Sunday School

                    Room 227    Preschool Sunday School  3 yr -PreK

11:30AM      Nursery        3m to 2 yrs

                    Room 227     Preschool Sunday School  3 yr -PreK

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