Helping your children understand Coronavirus

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Hi parents, grandparents, and guardians of the kids,

For the month of May we are focusing on determination with the theme title Unstuck...don't give up. Determination is deciding it it worth it to finish what you started. Sometimes, in life, you or your children might feel like they get stuck, don't want to continue, give up or find it hard to finish something. This COVID-19 pandemic sure has increased the amount of times we might feel this way. God wants to speak this month into all of our lives about determination. Help your family pray regularly in asking the Holy Spirit to help your family continue to do all that is good and right.


Five Platforms to connect with you...

We are weekly updating 5 platforms to connect with you @Home. We want to support parents as the primary faith-builders of kids!

  1. This Web Site is the primary way for us to connect with your family each week. On this site you will find many connections to help you build faith at home.

  2. Chapel Hill Kids YouTube channel which has Chapel Hill Kid's teaching video's.

  3. Parent Connect Email which is designed to equip and support the adults in children's lives.  Click HERE to subscribe to get this email.

  4. Chapel Hill Kids and Families Facebook Page. Ask to join this group. This space is for all of us to connect with each other.​

  5. Weekly blogs to encourage you as parents.


Here is what we encourage you to do each week...

Worship together with your kids on Sunday mornings

  • 9 AM (Classic service)

  • 10 AM (Modern service)

(These will be posted on the Chapel Hill Church YouTube channel)

Watch our Chapel Hill Kids Service with your kids

  • A time of Worship

  • A game

  • A Bible Story we call the Big God Story


Suggested ways to teach and live out this lesson all week...

We know that you are the most important influence in your kids' life and we want to help you feel like you're WINNING! Our above curriculum is designed to provoke discovery and invite kids into a new understanding of how to grow in relationship with Jesus. Each month we present a fun theme that combines child development and theology to create a comprehensive connection with your child. The goal is to combine the influence of church and parents to grow faith in the next generation that will last forever.

When we are able to gather once again at Chapel Hill Church we will offer the 252 Kids curriculum live during our Saturday Night and Sunday Morning services.


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