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Becoming shepherds…

Updated: Feb 5

Proverbs 27:23-26

23 Be sure you know how your flocks are doing. Pay careful attention to your herds. 24 Riches don’t last forever. And a crown is not secure for all time to come. 25 The hay is removed, and new growth appears. The grass from the hills is gathered in. 26 Then your lambs will provide you with clothes. And the money from selling your goats will buy you a field.

Parents, Grandparents, Guardians of the kids,

When Solomon was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write this section he may not have realized how timeless this small section would be even down through history and into our present pandemic future. You might find yourself in the present time to be overwhelmed by the task of being a leader in your homes. For those of you who have your kids in school most of the daily hours, you now find yourself being their teachers or teachers helpers as well as Sunday School teachers and helpers. Leadership in your home can be a very rewarding AND difficult experience and often both at the same time. It is a commission from the Lord to lead yet we see our need of His help and constant guidance as we seek peace and joy in our homes. My prayer is that you are able to more and more become what the text tells us to be for our flock. Leading your household can be a daunting task, but as you look at the faces of your family members, make sure you get to know how each of them are doing. Spend time to know each one through this week. You may want to take some intentional time this week to gauge how they are each doing in terms of their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

As God’s Word says… “Pay careful attention” to them. We find three great words there. “Pay” which in Hebrew is the word “shēth” which simply means to "put" or "lay your hand" upon or to "set your mind" to do something. The other words here are “Careful” and “attention”. These two words are actually one word in the original Hebrew text. This Hebrew word here is “leb” which means to look into the "inner person, mind or will" of another. It means to "hear" and "understand" them. That is more than knowing them by just what you see on the surface. What would it look like for you to carefully pay attention and gauge each of your children’s health in their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves? It may look differently for each one. Pay "careful attention" uniquely to each of them given their individual personalities.

The Proverb goes on to remind us that we can NOT put our trust in “Riches” or money…they don’t last. It then tells us that our labor and work will pay off however. There will then be new growth and God will provide what you need. Trust your family in His care this week and beyond.

Believe the very important Biblical truth that God is the one who leads us all. He “pays careful attention to” us. He is the Great Shepherd. Rely on His leading, His Word and His Spirit will empower you as you trust your family into His care. Through this time of distancing…don’t be distant from Him as you become the leader/shepherd which trusts in the Good Shepherd of your homes.

Prayer: Thank you Jesus…the Good Shepherd…for the flock you have put under my care. In your strength help me to be the leader they need me to be. Thank you Jesus for your example. I know I can’t meet every need that my household has. But help me to continue to point them to the one who can. Help my heart to be fully engaged and help me to look to the needs of my herd…my household…my family. Amen

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