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For November 2020...

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This month's theme is - "SHOUT OUT- Let 'em know you're thankful!".


This is a focus on gratitude...letting others know you see how they've helped you.

Gratitude is an idea close to God's heart. Think about all the times in the Bible where people thank each other, celebrate God with feasts and festivals, and the psalms fill with praise. We want to use this "Thanksgiving" month to pause to consider everything God has done for us: the world He made, the promises He's kept, the new life He offers through Jesus... When we remember all of that, we can always be thankful!

Having an attitude of gratitude takes mindfulness! Our Kids' Team strives to be grateful and model gratitude to your kids. We also want to provide prayer, help, and resources as you navigate this with your children in a volatile and confusing world. We are available to support you!

Chapel Hill want to connect with you...


There are several ways that we want to connect with you and your kids. Each one has a unique focus...

  1. In-Person All Church Worship Services  - 8:30 AM (Classic service) 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM (Modern services) - a focus on the whole church family worshiping God including children 

  2. In-Person Chapel Hill Kids Worship  - During the 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM - a focus on K-5th grade learning, worship and connecting with the Chapel Church family in person

  3. Chapel Hill Kids Web Site - a focus on kids learning

  4. Chapel Hill Kids YouTube Channel - a focus on kids learning

  5. Our Weekly Parent Connect email - a focus on adults in the lives of kids

  6. Paul's blog - a focus on adults in the lives of kids

  7. Chapel Hill Kids and Families Facebook Page - a focus on families connecting


Please let us know of any needs that you have. We regularly pray for you. We want to do our best to serve you. How can we help? Let us know!


Paul, Karen and Pam - Chapel Hill Kids Ministry team
Paul Hargreaves
Director of Children's Ministries K-5th Grade
Chapel Hill Church




Here is what we encourage you to do in "at-home" times each week...


  1. Worship together on Sunday mornings ether in person or online

  • 8:30 AM (Classic service)

  • 10:00 AM (Modern services) 

(Only these two services are streamed live on the Chapel Hill Church YouTube channel)

2. Watch the Chapel Hill Kids Worship service at Home on our YouTube channel.


Do the five parts to this weekly time for kids...

  • ​A time of Worship

  • A game

  • A Bible Story we call the Big God Story

  • A Launch time - time to consider living out this lesson

  • Family Life Groups - Download the Parent Cue and God Time pages to lead small group time with your kids. End your Family Life Group time together with prayer together.

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