About Us

Located at the corner of Rosedale and Skansie at Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church, we are across the street from Discovery Elementary and Gig Harbor High School. The large campus includes two fenced outdoor play yards and a full-sized indoor gym. We share with groups such as MOPS and BSF.


Class Size

Classes for the 3-5 year olds are usually 16 students. The two year olds are in a group of 10-12 students. There is a lead teacher and an assistant teacher for each class and parents are encouraged to participate. About 110 students are enrolled each year.



The Chapel Hill Preschool staff consists of persons professionally trained and experienced in early childhood education. All staff members are Christians whose teaching and personal lives reflect their faith.


Daily Program

Our schedule is guided by the needs and interests of our students. A typical day will include a wide variety of learning experiences that incorporate both large and small group activities, and independent learning tasks in the areas of cognitive skills, science, arts, literature, and play. Children will have many free choice activites as well as teacher led lessons. Built into all of these activities are many opportunities to share biblical truths.


Field Trips

We periodically take trips away from the facility in order to enhance the curriculum. At other times, resource people come to the school to share with us. Parents will be notified when any such special activity is planned. It may be necessary, for safety reasons, to request each student have a parent or parent-substitute accompany him or her on a trip.



We worship together weekly in the Memorial Chapel.



Birthdays are a special time to honor your child. The teacher will coordinate the classroom celebration with the parents.


Holidays & Celebrations Parties

Parties are held for seasonal and holiday happenings and for special classroom celebrations (like a Pancake and Pajama party for "Letter P" week!). Your child's teacher will let you know how you can help with these special fun days.


Health & Safety

One of our primary considerations in the preschool must always be to insure that our children are in a safe and healthy environment.


Disaster Procedures

Children will be instructed in emergency procedures regularly. In the event of damage to the structure, no person is to enter the building unless authorized to do so by the director or civil authority on the scene. Students will remain with their teacher and class until released to a parent or legal guardian. No student will be released to anyone other than his or her parent or legal guardian without written instructions from the parent authorizing the Preschool to do so.


We understand that the aims of the school cannot be fulfilled without parental involvement. This involvement shall include, but not be limited to, attendance at school functions and parents' meetings, reading information sent home from the school, and communication with your child's teachers.


How Parents Can Help

Send your child to school healthy, rested, happy and unhurried. Be on time, both at the beginning and at the conclusion of your child's day. Label all coats and items brought to school with your child's name. Ask when you have a concern. Talk with your children about their experiences at school. Let them know that what they do when they are away from you is important and interesting. Be sure to alert the teacher if your child suffers from allergies, or if there has been some family event that affects them.